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REPORT:  Data on Turnaround Schools & Schools of Distinction, 2023.

ARTICLE: Pervasive Denver school segregation harms Latinos, English learners, study says, in Chalkbeat, 2023.


REPORT:  Resegregation in Denver Public Schools, funded by CLLARO (Colorado Latino Leadership, Advocacy, and Research Organization), 2023.


ARTICLE:  Buying the Birthright: A Woodland Park Investigation, by Logan Davis, The Muckraker, Colorado Times Recorder, 2023.


ARTICLE:  Stop Privatization: Potential solutions to the inequities caused by the billionaires’ push to privatize education in Denver Public Schools by Mike DeGuire, public education advocate and A4PEP board member, 2023.


ARTICLE:  Politicians and pundits say parents are furious with schools; polls say otherwise, in Chalkbeat, 2023.


ARTICLE:  Biden’s Education secretary is done sitting “idly” amid schools fight, in Politico, 2023.


ARTICLE:  More Memphis charter schools could face closure after state’s failed turnaround effort, in Chalkbeat, 2023.


ARTICLE:  Adams 14 School District settles years-long dispute with MGT Consulting, on CBS Colorado.


BLOG:  Who demoralized the nation’s teachers? by Diane Ravich, 2022.


ARTICLE:  Colorado’s K-12 accountability system “harming” many schools, superintendent says, in Longmont Leader, 2022.


ARTICLE:  Audit of how Colorado evaluates schools and districts has officials and educators at odds over results, by CPR News.


REPORT:  Educational Accountability 3.0: Beyond ESSA by the National Education Policy Center, 2023.


ARTICLE:  How "Abbott Elementary" Takes on the Charter School Movement, in The New Yorker, 2023.


BLOG:  I Am a Charter School Abolitionist, and You Should Be Too, by Steven Singer in Gadfly on the Wall, 2023.


REPORT:  How Charter Schools Undermine Good Education Policymaking, by Helen Ladd at Duke University, through National Education Policy Center, 2022.


REPORT:  An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools, by AASA (American Association of School Administrators, 2021.


REPORT:  Rethinking Assessment in Education: The Case for Change, by Bill Lucas with the Center for Strategic Education, 2021.

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