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A4PEP supported this bill:

HB24-1363, Charter Schools Accountability 

(the bill was defeated in the House Education Committee)

A4PEP supported this bill to increase the accountability and transparency in charter schools.  See our fact sheet on the bill.  Read the OPINION column that Judy Solano, our Chair, had published in the Denver Post about the bill and the op-ed about it that Paula Noonan from our Advisory Committee wrote for Colorado Politics.  See our press release with quotes from some of the bill supporters.  Learn why Colorado charter schools need more accountability and transparency, and read about the "dark money behind the lobbyists" opposing the bill.

A4PEP opposed these bills:

HB24-1448, New Public School Finance Formula

(the bill passed)

See A4PEP's call to action with our reasons for opposing this bill.  See our message to legislators about proposed amendments we wanted - some of which passed.

SB24-088, Entity Authorizes Charter Schools Transparency 

(the bill was defeated in the Senate Education Committee)

A4PEP opposed this bill because it would have put unnecessary reporting burdens on school districts, set up unfair comparisons between charter schools and district schools, and failed to provide transparency on important aspects of charter schools. 


HB24-1154, Institute Charter Schools and Bonded Indebtedness

(the bill passed)

A4PEP opposes this bill because school districts should not have to take the responsibility of bonded indebtedness for schools over which they have no control; and because the Charter School Institute's unelected board has no accountability to the taxpayers that would support the bond.

2024 Actions:

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