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We Believe 

Our students are being judged unfairly by test scores.

Students will thrive when they engage in culturally relevant, meaningful learning experiences which include exposure to science, civics, and the arts and an emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  The true measures of robust learning must include a well-rounded curriculum for ALL students.


Our public schools are subject to corporate moneyed interests that seek to privatize education.

The corporate-driven “market-based” approach creates inequities in funding and prioritizes choice of individuals rather than the public good.  Our public education system is essential to our democracy, and citizens support it when they know the facts.


Our education system is woefully underfunded.

Colorado has one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures and teacher salaries in the nation.  The research is clear – adequate funding helps students achieve to their full potential and honors the work of educators.

A4PEP works to promote policies so ALL students can thrive equitably:

  • Eliminate reliance on high-stakes testing to measure district, school, and educator success by using multiple measures.

  • Highlight the critical importance of the education profession by supporting adequate
    compensation, professional licensure, and improved working conditions.

  • Increase funding to address the academic, social, and mental health needs of all students.

  • Ensure full transparency, oversight, and accountability of taxpayer dollars used by charteschools, education management organizations, and private foundations.

  • Support the development of “community schools” to address the poverty and second-language challenges facing marginalized communities.

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