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A4PEP supported this bill:

The bill would have changed the educator evaluation law by removing the requirement that 50% of teacher evaluations be based on student growth measures, but allowing test scores to be used collectively at the grade or school levels.  A4PEP has strongly advocated that the use of standardized test scores to determine teachers' effectiveness is inappropriate.


  • Created a Legislative Scorecard on the 2022 session of the State Legislature that was based on A4PEP’s legislative priorities for the year.  View the scorecard here.

  • Wrote a letter to the State Board of Education expressing strong objection to the recommendations of the State Review Panel to deal with Adams School District 14’s Turnaround status by closing Adams City High School and/or reorganizing the district by consolidating it with another school district.  Also, A4PEP submitted a guest opinion Don't Close Adams City High School Using a Flawed Accountability System to the Denver Post on April 19 expressing the same objection.

  • Gave its Legislator of the Year Award to State Senator Tammy Story.

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