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Resolution to Redesign Colorado’s Education  Accountability System


Advocates for Public Education Policy believes Colorado’s public education accountability system based on high stakes standardized testing should be changed to a system which is more meaningful, relevant, timely, and equitable, and which addresses individual student’s learning styles and needs. 

With the pause in testing due to the pandemic and the challenges of our state budget, now is an opportune time for our state legislators to review and redesign Colorado’s public education accountability system. 

If you agree, A4PEP invites you to view our 2020-2021 RESOLUTION TO REDESIGN COLORADO’S EDUCATION ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM.  This resolution was sent to Governor Polis and all of our legislative members.   



A4PEP's objective for this resolution is to:

Take High-Stakes Testing Out of Colorado Public Schools

This resolution proposes that:

1. The state audit the state’s accreditation and accountability system regarding its intended impact on student learning and success.


2. The state eliminate test-based high-stakes accountability, accreditation, and sanctions on districts, schools and educators.


3. The state redesign the education accountability system so it is meaningful, relevant, and equitable, and uses the support and resources of community-based solutions.


4. The state redesign the accountability system to include multiple assessment tools such as portfolios, projects and performance tasks to measure student growth and individual strengths.


5. The state conducts needs assessments of schools and districts, and provide effective community-based support and interventions.


6. The state work with the Colorado Department of Education and submit a revised ESSA plan incorporating the above changes.


7. The state and Colorado Department of Education suspend CMAS testing for 2020-2021 and following years until audit or research shows that the current accountability system improves student learning and closes the achievement gap.


8. The Colorado Congressional delegation promotes legislation that eliminates accountability systems based primarily on standardized testing.


9. The Colorado Congressional delegation demands that educational mandates be appropriately funded, including Title I and the Individuals with Disability Education Act.

If you support this resolution,

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