A4PEP is asking for your support for a Resolution to be submitted to the Colorado State Legislature in February. 

Our objective:

Keep High-Stakes Testing Out of Colorado Public Schools

Read the full resolution here.

This resolution proposes:

1. The state audit the state’s accreditation and accountability system regarding its intended impact on student learning and success.


2. The state eliminate test-based high-stakes accountability, accreditation, and sanctions on districts, schools and educators.


3. The state redesign the education accountability system so it is meaningful, relevant, and equitable, and uses the support and resources of community-based solutions.


4. The state redesign the accountability system to include multiple assessment tools such as portfolios, projects and performance tasks to measure student growth and individual strengths.


5. The state conducts needs assessments of schools and districts, and provide effective community-based support and interventions.


6. The state work with the Colorado Department of Education and submit a revised ESSA plan incorporating the above changes.


7. The state and Colorado Department of Education suspend CMAS testing for 2020-2021 and following years until audit or research shows that the current accountability system improves student learning and closes the achievement gap.


8. The Colorado Congressional delegation promotes legislation that eliminates accountability systems based primarily on standardized testing.


9. The Colorado Congressional delegation demands that educational mandates be appropriately funded, including Title I and the Individuals with Disability Education Act.

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Webpage updates

1.  A4PEP has crafted a resolution to the Colorado Legislature and Governor to redesign Colorado's education accountability system.  Check it out and sign on in support of it if you agree.

2.  We have added a new tab to our web page, Important Books.  In it we have the full list of Dr. Ravitch's quotes as well as a recent book that explores the segregationist roots of the school choice movement.  Read our enlightening review of the book.


Included in the IMPORTANT BOOKS tab are two books.


First is a review in the form of selected quotes of Dr. Diane Ravitch's book "The Death and Life of the Great American School System, How Testing and Choice are Undermining Education."

Second is a review of Overturning Brown: The Segregationist Legacy of the Modern School Choice Movement by Steve Suitts.

Our policy priorities for


*  Rethinking accountability, assessment, and teacher evaluation

*  Adequate and equitable funding

*  Equal access and desegregation

*  Quality neighborhood schools

KEEP the PUBLIC in PUBLIC Education



Our education system is woefully underfunded.

Colorado has one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures and teacher salaries in the nation.  That’s why A4PEP advocates for substantial investments in our public schools.


Our public schools are not protected from corporate interests.

In the 2016-2018 elections, promoters of privatization and corporatization spent more than $5 million on campaigns in Colorado.  A4PEP works to educate voters about the undue influence of monied interests on education policy.


Our students’ needs aren’t being met.

Colorado’s educational accountability system focuses on achieving test scores, not on an inclusive, engaging, culturally relevant learning environment with caring educators.  A4PEP believes that Colorado deserves better.

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