A4PEP was formed to protect public education.

Advocates for Public Education Policy (A4PEP) is a statewide coalition of individuals and grassroots organizations that works to educate the public and policymakers to ensure that public schools work for all, not just the well-connected.


A4PEP was created in response to concerns about the adverse effects of failed “education reform” policies.


These policies focused more on metrics and performance than on student and teacher needs.  They were not tied to the realities of the classroom, but on spreadsheets and equations.  They were not rooted in the principles of public education, but the principles of business.


Because of these policies, schools have been closed, students’ learning has suffered, teachers have been devalued. 

L.E.A.P. Deceives. 

Proposition 119, previously known as Ballot Initiative 25, is a con job! 


It has deceived many smart people.

It makes promises it cannot keep. 

Read our analysis of the many reasons to reject this proposition.

Our policy priorities for


*  Rethinking accountability, assessment, and teacher evaluation

*  Adequate and equitable funding


*  Equal access and desegregation

*  Quality neighborhood schools

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Analysis and position papers

Initiative 19, now Amendment 78 - Requirements for Spending Custodial Money

Initiative 25, now Proposition 119 - Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress (LEAP) Program

Initiative 27, now Proposition 120 - Property Tax Assessment Rate Reduction and Voter-Approved Revenue Change

HB21-1294 - Audit of State Accountability/Accreditation System  (Passed and signed)

HB21-1295 - Rebuttable Presumption in Charter School Appeals  (Postponed Indefinitely)

Issues with Charter School Law (1993-2021)

Resolution to Redesign Colorado's Educatiion Accountability System

A4PEP is asking for your support for a Resolution to be submitted to the Colorado State Legislature.

Our objective:

Take High-Stakes Testing Out of Colorado Public Schools

Read the full resolution here.

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This resolution proposes:

1. The state audit the state’s accreditation and accountability system regarding its intended impact on student learning and success.


2. The state eliminate test-based high-stakes accountability, accreditation, and sanctions on districts, schools and educators.


3. The state redesign the education accountability system so it is meaningful, relevant, and equitable, and uses the support and resources of community-based solutions.


4. The state redesign the accountability system to include multiple assessment tools such as portfolios, projects and performance tasks to measure student growth and individual strengths.


5. The state conducts needs assessments of schools and districts, and provide effective community-based support and interventions.


6. The state work with the Colorado Department of Education and submit a revised ESSA plan incorporating the above changes.


7. The state and Colorado Department of Education suspend CMAS testing for 2020-2021 and following years until audit or research shows that the current accountability system improves student learning and closes the achievement gap.


8. The Colorado Congressional delegation promotes legislation that eliminates accountability systems based primarily on standardized testing.


9. The Colorado Congressional delegation demands that educational mandates be appropriately funded, including Title I and the Individuals with Disability Education Act.

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KEEP the PUBLIC in PUBLIC Education