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Dear friends,

Three very important education bills came up in the state senate Education Committees recently.  I have attached them below and their current status.  These bills were put forward by 2 champions of public education, Senator Zenzinger and Senator Story! 


The first bill is from Senator Zenzinger (SB22-054).  It would add the Community School Model as an option for struggling schools in turnaround status.  This bill would move us away from punitive sanctions to a supportive option.  This bill passed out of the Senate Education Committee successfully, so testimony is no longer needed.  There are many more steps before it becomes law, but the Senate Education Committee was a good start.. 


The second and third bills listed below are from Senator Story.  Both deal with teacher evaluations.  This second bill (SB22-069) suspends teacher evaluations linked to test scores during times of state disasters/emergencies.  This bill was laid over for further action.


The third bill (SB22-044) drops the percentage of teacher evaluations that are based on test scores from 50% down to zero percent.  This bill was postponed indefinitely.


C:\054_01.txt (  Senator Zenzinger's bill on Community Schools for Schools in Turnaround.  Status: Passed Senate and House Education Education Committees, now headed to the Committee of the Whole.

C:\069_01.txt (  Senator Story's bill on Learning Disruption Effect on Teacher Evaluations  - Status:  laid over for further action.  Testimony no longer needed.


C:\044_01.txt (  Senator Story's bill on Use of Student Growth in Educator Evaluations - was heard on March 10 at 1:30 p.m. Status 10 March, Postponed Indefinitely.  Testimony no longer needed.


Here is the link to sign up to testify on bills in committee.

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