Our Letter to Governor Polis

January 28, 2019

Honorable Governor Polis:

As members of the board of Coloradans for Public Education Policy (C4PEP), we would like to respectfully request that you refrain from intervening in the Denver Classroom Teachers Association strike.

C4PEP supports the efforts of the teachers to secure a livable wage. We understand their fight for an increase in base pay across the board. We also recognize the teachers’ dissatisfaction with the DPS pay-for-performance policy, because we believe it creates a system of unpredictable “bonuses” resulting in financial inequity and uncertainty. High teacher turnover, which ultimately affects the students, is linked to this flawed policy.

C4PEP believes DCTA negotiated with DPS in good faith for the last fourteen months. We understand the frustration of teachers and support their right to strike.

C4PEP appreciates your commitment to improving public education, and your vow to increase teacher pay. Therefore, we respectfully request you allow the DCTA strike to take its course without intervention. Our teachers deserve the opportunity to be heard.

Respectfully, C4PEP board: Honorable Evie Hudak, Honorable Judy Solano, Dr. Edward Krug, Dr. JoAnn Fujioka, Manuel Solano, Esq., Ilana Spiegel, Jim Earley

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