C4PEP Posts Grades for Candidates in the Primary

Coloradans for Public Education Policy, C4PEP, mission is to cultivate, support, and promote public schools that work for all, not just the well connected. It’s the Colorado way: All children have the chance to succeed. We, each of us - parents, educators, students, community members - have a responsibility to protect Colorado’s public schools. A fair shot for each of Colorado's nearly one million public school students is at stake.

We believe that public schools are the heart of communities, where the rich traditions of the past meet the promise of the future. Market-based reforms, once viewed as a “cure”, have resulted in separate and unequal schools. Reforms have ignored scholarly evidence regarding how to provide children with high-quality, equitable, and effective schooling in their communities.

Our board has 100s of years of experience at all levels of public education, as educators, parents, students, school board members, state legislators, and policy experts. We asked all candidates in primaries in Colorado to respond to our survey to see how closely their values align with a vision for true public schools. At the beginning of May, we asked candidates from various races, Governor, Colorado Senate and House, and Attorney General, from both parties to participate in our candidate survey.


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