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Money, Professional Educators and High-Stakes Testing are the Battle Areas.

A4PEP works to promote policies that address these concerns about public education in Colorado:


  • Lack of adequate funding for schools.


  • Siphoning off of public taxpayer dollars to for-profit education management organizations and private contractors.


  • Devaluation of the teaching profession through low pay, growing demands, and the hiring of unlicensed teachers.


  • Reliance on high-stakes testing to measure district, school, and teacher success.


  • Closure of struggling schools in low-income communities based on the “accountability” system.


The specific purposes of Advocate for Public Education Policy specific purposes are to further the common good and general welfare of the entire community of Colorado through charitable and educational activities, including, but not limited to:

1. Conducting education and advocacy in the cause of public education.

2. Advocating for the benefits of public education for all students.

3. Developing and advocating for legislation, regulations, and government programs for the improvement and support of public education.

4. Educating the public and policy-makers about principles, policies, and practices that support high-quality, equitable, accessible, inclusive, neighborhood public schools.

5. Curating and promoting news items, academic studies, and other materials related to public education and its benefits to social welfare.

6. Conducting research and publicizing the positions of elected officials concerning public education.

7. Building a statewide coalition of individuals and grassroots organizations that promotes leaders and policies to ensure public schools work for all.

Our Objectives


  • Sustainable public schools

  • Integrated and inclusive neighborhood schools.

  • Culturally relevant, engaging, and comprehensive curricula.

  • Community-wide, targeted interventions for each child.

  • Transformative parent, family, and community engagement.


  • Accountability & transparency

  • Public taxpayer dollars used only for public schools.

  • Community-driven, democratically elected school boards.

  • Reduced reliance on standardized tests.

  • Multiple measures to gauge student, school, and district progress.


  • Professionally licensed educators

  • High expectations for every student.

  • Deep knowledge of content, pedagogy, child development, and cultural competence.

  • Effectively prepared, mentored, supported, and retained.

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