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A4PEP is sharing this summary of laws regarding district and school turnaround because we believe that changes are needed regarding the consequences to schools and districts for being on Turnaround status for over 5 years (or "running out the accountability clock," as it is colloquially called). 


In the law, these consequences are referred to as follows:  "issues and needs that should be addressed regarding levels of attainment on the performance indicators, based on identification of specific, research-based strategies." 


A4PEP views the "research-based strategies" listed in the law as mostly punitive, as evidenced by the Colorado State Board of Education's decision to force Adams County School District 14 to be run by a private "education management" company, at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars from this high-poverty school district. 

A4PEP is striving to add a research-based strategy called "community schools" to the law - a strategy that creates a positive environment and utilizes the resources in the community to support the students, families, and schools.

​We have assembled a short document describing the laws that constrain what is possible for schools in turnaround status. 

The Laws on District and School Turnaround

We  have also reviewed the Charter School Law and highlighted how its implementation has drifted from its initial language and intent in the subsequent 28 years.

Issues with Charter School Law (1993-2021)

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