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Advocates for Public Education Policy supports HB21-1295

This bill concerns the reasons a school district may reject a charter school's initial application or renewal and that the charter school must address those reasons in its appeal to the State Board of Education.

We believe that current law fails to address the fact that charter schools can have a negative impact on traditional public schools, especially those in declining enrollment districts.

We support the proposed requirement that the success of existing schools and the fiscal health of the school district should be an integral part of a charter application.

Read HB21-1295 and our Position Paper.

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A4PEP Supports:

Audit of State Accountability/Accreditation System HB21-1294

Colorado's current public education accountability system was adopted over a decade ago with the intent that it lead to improved student's test scores.  HB21-1294 asks for an audit of this accountability system to determine if it has done as intended. 

Read HB21-1294 and our Position Statement.

Ballot Initiative 25

Warning:  Look before you L.E.A.P.


Ballot Initiative 25, Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress (L.E.A.P.) Program, is a corporate grab for education tax dollars dressed up as mom and apple pie. Don’t support it or sign the petition.


Ballot Initiative 25 proposes to do good things for children by funding after-school programming, but it proposes to create an independent, unregulated organization within the Colorado Department of Education with no oversight, public input, or recourse for mismanagement or fraud.

To help you understand the flaws in this bill Advocates for Public Education Policy has done an analysis of the ballot initiative and issued a Position Statement.

You can also read the text of the ballot initiative and the Legislative Council’s Fiscal Summary.



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