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Part of A4PEP's mission is to educate the public on important issues in public education policy.  We host several forums every year to help do that.  Some of them have been recorded.  Here are the ones we have sponsored thus far:

Forum on Privatization - The forum on January 5, 2023, featured a presentation by Charles Siler, consultant with Network for Public Education, explaining why this former lobbyist for school privatizers changed his mind when he learned what is really going on with promoters of charter schools.

Summit on Redesigning Accountability - This forum on August 21, 2022, featured a keynote by Dr. Dorothy Shapland, professor at Metro State University, and panelists on the detriments of high-stakes testing and the test-based state educational accountability system; update on Adams 14; and A4PEP's draft plan to redesign state accountability.

Donald Cohen hosted a forum on April 3, 2022, telling us about his book  The Privatization of EverythingHow the Plunder of Public Goods Transformed America and How We Can Fight Back  (co-authored by Allen Mikaelian)

Donald Cohen is the founder and executive director of the research and policy center In the Public Interest.  More information and a recording of the forum is here.

Wagma Mommandi, M.Ed, and Dr. Kevin Welner hosted a forum on February 20, 2022, based on their book School’s Choice: How Charter Schools Control Access and Shape their Enrollment.  Kevin Welner is a professor of education policy at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education and (by courtesy) at the School of Law.  More information and a recording of the forum is here.

Keron Blair was the speaker at our forum "Reclaiming Our Schools" on August 18, 2021.  Keron Blair is the 

National Director of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools.

Professor Nicholas Lemann, author of "The Big Test, The secret history of the American Meritocracy," was the speaker at our forum "The Big Test Mess in Education" on July 24, 2021.  He is the Dean Emeritus at Columbia University and a staff writer for The New Yorker.  More information and a recording of the forum is here.

Lisa Graves was the speaker at our forum "Shining a light on dark money in public education" on June 12, 2021.  She is a nationally recognized expert on the influence of special interests and dark money.

Dr. Lorenzo A. Trujillo led a forum on "Effects of the “education reform” movement on the underserved student: Addressing academic needs through music and art" on January 11, 2020.  Assistant Dean and Professor of Law at the University of Colorado Law School. Details can be found here.

Angela Engel presented our very first forum, "Corporate Education and the Demise of Democracy" (double-click for more information) on October 10, 2019.  She is the author of Seeds of Tomorrow: Solutions for improving our children’s education, and the collaborative book project Fixing Public Education. 

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