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One of A4PEP's priorities is promoting COMMUNITY SCHOOLS, especially for schools with lower ratings on the state accountability system.  Learn about them here.  A4PEP also sent a letter to La Voz explaining how community schools could be a benefit to Adams 14 and other "low-performing" schools with a high proportion of minority and high-poverty students.

State laws govern what is to be done with schools and districts on "turnaround" status.  See what the laws are here.

A4PEP has had written - and submitted to legislators - resolutions on how we would like to see in our state's educational accountability system be redesigned.  See the 2020-2021 resolution here and the 2022 resolution here.

In April of 2022, A4PEP wrote a letter to the Colorado State Board of Education expressing its strong objection to the recommendations of the State Review Panel to deal with Adams 14’s Turnaround status by closing Adams City High School (ACHS) and/or reorganizing the district (by consolidating it with one or more other districts).   A letter to the editor of The Denver Post was sent expressing the same objection.

Also in April of 2022, A4PEP wrote a letter to the Democrats in the State Legislature expressing great concern about the influence of DFER (Democrats for Education Reform) on Democratic legislators. 

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